MF 9000 fleece filter
  • MF 9000 fleece filter
  • MF 9000 fleece filter
  • MF 9000 fleece filter
  • MF 9000 fleece filter
  • MF 9000 fleece filter
  • MF 9000 fleece filter
  • MF 9000 fleece filter
  • MF 9000 fleece filter

MF 9000 fleece filter

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MF 9000 Fleece Filter

High performance unit for aquariums up to 800L

A new, high-end, German made, fleece filter with unique design and exceptional features, ensuring the  easy installation and safe operation. It features
  • Traversable sieve plate to open for easy fleece insert and maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Plug&Play installation
  • Waterproof cable connectors
  • Reliable float-switch with adjustable trigger arm for operation STOP at empty roll.
  • Adjustable by pass regulator
The sieve plate with honey comb design in combination with superior marine-fleece AL 50 enables remarkable flow rate.
23 x 14 x 49 cm
Water levels
Water flow








High-End Fleece Compound

High-End Fleece Compound

We are using the finest fleece compound on the market, with high water flows and long lifecycle.
Digital controller

Digital controller

Additional controller with sophisticated software for a perfect control of fleece filter operation


MF FLEECE FILTER - traversable sieve plate

All fleece filter types are designed with a traversable sieve plate. This enables quick fleece insert and easy maintenance. It is held in position by 3 plastic screws on each side. By a half turn this screws can be opened to release the sieve plate.

The fleece is guided into inner filter section by a roller below, applied with toothed pulleys for an optimal grip at fleece surface.

The honey comb structure of sieve plate ensures highest flow, showing smallest resistance against water throughput compared to different design.

MF Series - winding motor design

Due to the fact that the winding motor plays an essential role for safe operation in fleece filters, all types are supplied with high advanced 12 V DC motors. The motor cover housing in PVC/acrylic enables a water protected operation. All motors are supplied with reset-able short circuit fuse.

  • Planetary gear box with 5 rpm
  • High torque 7,5 kg/cm at MF 4000 , 12 kg/cm at MF 6000 and 9000
  • Dynamic aluminum coupling element for smooth rotation
Take up spool  formed by inner motor housing  and outer cage in acrylic with pvc sleeve

MF Series – Float switch

This horizontally mounted type works reliable and is durable. The core float carries a finger of soft foam. If all fleece is winded up on the motor and shows a certain diameter, the finger keeps the float below trigger point because attaching full roll. Motor remains on STOP.

By twisting the finger on the float a certain distance to full take up spool can be individually adjusted.   

MF Series – Cable connections

All connections are waterproof to prevent any corrosion and malfunction

MF Series – Standard Controller MF-A1 (in scope of delivery)

Standard controller enables:

  • Power indication
  • Manual advance of motor
  • Motor advance triggered by float switch

MF Series – Digital Controller MF-D1 (extra order required)

Digital controller enables:

  • POWER INDICATION, red flashing (4sec)
  • MOTOR ADVANCE triggered by float switch, green
  • MANUAL ADVANCE of motor by pressing
  • MANUAL ADVANCE of motor 10 sec via impulse pressing
  • Motor STOP at full roll or fleece jamming, red flashing (1 sec)
  • RESET via pressing micro switch

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