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My Skim Fleece MS 1500
  • My Skim Fleece MS 1500
  • My Skim Fleece MS 1500
  • My Skim Fleece MS 1500
  • My Skim Fleece MS 1500
  • My Skim Fleece MS 1500
  • My Skim Fleece MS 1500
  • My Skim Fleece MS 1500

My Skim Fleece MS 1500

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Ultra performance product, combining Protein Skimmer and Fleece filter into one, unique product.

MySkimFleece joins two important filtration steps, skimming and particle filtration, which are combined in most optimal way. The dirty, used, fleece section is used as a foam collector before is being wrapped by take up spool (motor). This revolutionary unit completely replaces protein skimmer and fleece filter while maintaining performance of both units with not a single one downside.
Unit Dimensions
24 x 10 cm H= 56 cm (incl.roll)






High-End Fleece Compound

High-End Fleece Compound

We are using the finest fleece compound on the market, with high water flows and long lifecycle.
Special Multiswitch

Special Multiswitch

guarantees safe operation. It enables fleece advance and stops operation when fleece roll is empty. There are 3 models, Analog, Digital and InfraRed.

The device is divided onto 4 sections

  • Inlet chamber with 3 optional inlets
  • Skimmer chamber
  • Fleece chamber
  • Outlet chamber

Incoming water is distributed in first 3 chambers – all sections work parallel.

Outlet water from last chamber passing back to sump bubble free.

The mounts for advance motor and fleece roll are removable. Skimmer driver pump, left side wall of skimmer chamber with upper cone section and inlet tube are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

For setting myskimfleece in operation just place it in your sump. Sump level can be max 20 cm. With 3 optional inlets (on top, at left or right below) it will match to almost any sump.

Following adjustments are required

  • If water level inside rises up to max height (see figure above) pl control, if the float switch triggers the motor advance. Check the emergency overflow - level should remain below. Ex factory the float is fixed in a standard position.

  • Switch on the DC driver pump of skimmer. Fix the adjustable cone section (up or down) in a position that no foam is pulled out to the fleece. Skimate should remain 2 cm below output edge. This adjustment has to be checked for a while, again adjusted, until it works synchronously with fleece advance.

  • The preferred synchronously working of fleece advance and skimate output can be adjusted too by the position of float switch, because trigger point of float governs the level for skimmer and fleece chamber. This adjustment can be different related to quantity of fishes or other parameters in each individual tank.

  • OVERFLOW PROTECTION - The unit works with a 2nd probe, located above fleece on top of cone section (see figure above). In case of skimmer has a large output with overflowing foam, fleece advance is triggered by this probe to carry out foam - independent to position of float.

Available without skimmer pump

Available without skimmer pump

Apply your current skimmer pump or a matching type of your preferred brand. Pl consider in such case basic pump data (dimension and power) listed above. Bubble distributor is included in scope of delivery.

Practical experiences showed clearly, that fleece filtration is affecting performance of skimmer remarkable. The more particles are caught (in special organic) from fleece, the more less is the output of skimmer. In such cases it would be (at least) questionable to go on with an over-sized skimmer and achieve a smaller type in performance and power.

We think ahead in marine
aquatic equipment!


inovative, unique, high-end fleece filters, filter boxes, protein skimmers made of the best materials, meeting the highest quality standards in reef aquatics equipment.


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