Spare Fleece Roll AL 30/10cm

Spare Fleece Roll AL 30/10cm

Incl 19% TAX
SKU : 10cm_Fleece_Roll

The AL Filter Fleece

High End , ISO Certified Fleece Compound

The best fleece you can get! Fleece compound is consisted of different active fibers, the AL Filter Fleece guarantees best, deep, filtration, as well as highly effective surface filtration. The product is made-in-germany and ISO certified. It is highly tear-resistant, absolutely suitable for seawater and free of crosslinking agents (no influence on the skimming).

10cm Fleece width

This fleece is compatibile with Eurofleecer, Eurofleecer LowBudget, MC3000 and every fleece filter that have 10cm fleece roll width and 13cm in diameter.

30m Fleece length

Length of 30m ensures long replacement interval, up to 3 months (depends on flow).
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